Dai Vernon

Dai Vernon   1894 - 1992

David Frederick Wingfield Verner, Dai Vernon, born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada June 11, 1894, illusionist.

He got his nickname "Dai" after a typo in a newspaper gave him the name Dai instead of David. He was named "Vernon" after the dancer Vernon Castle with whom his wife danced in the early 20th century. Dai Vernon is the most influential magician of the entire 20th century.

Magician calls him the Professor and the Man who deceived Houdini. Harry Houdini said that no one could fool him if he saw a trick performed 3 times in a row. In Chicago in 1919, Vernon accepted this challenge. He performed a version of a card trick where a signed card reaches the top of the deck no matter where you put it in the deck (The ambitious card). Vernon did the trick no less than eight times but Houdini had no idea how he did it. After that, Vernon used this in his marketing, "He Fooled Houdini". It was later that his friend Garrick Spencer gave him the name The Professor. Vernon did not care much about it, although it is the name under which he is best known.

He died on August 21, 1992 in Hollywood at the age of 98.

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