Johnny Lonn

Björn Olof Lönnqvist - Johnny Lonn  1944 - 2013 

Björn Olof Lönnqvist, also known as Johnny Lonn,
born 17 December 1944 in Stockholm, died 7 April 2013
in Stockholm, was a Swedish humorous illusionist and prop.

In addition to his own shows and lectures, Lönnqvist appeared in the revue Lusthuset at Intiman in Stockholm in 1984 and in Hagge's revue at Lisebergsteatern in Gothenburg in 1985. He also made several appearances on television.

Lönnqvist also gave a seminar on developing visual perception. With his magic spell with the silent failed elegant magician, he traveled around the world. Lönnqvist performed for a month in Las Vegas in the 1970s with Doug Henning and Bill Cosby.

He was also a judge at the FISM World Championships in The Hague in the Netherlands in 2003 and Blackpool in England in 2012.

Movie clips with Johnny Lonn 
Magisk Broder

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1   En tidig scenakt Årtal okänt 9:05 HÄR

2  FISM 1967 6:10 HÄR

3  Magic Bar 5:45 HÄR

4  Loffe på Cirkus 1987 5:21 HÄR

5  The Monte Carlo Show 4:40 HÄR

6  Confetti 5:30 HÄR

7  Johnny Lonns begravning - 7 april 2013 4:32 HÄR
     foto & bildspel Stefan Haglund 

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