Topper Martyn

Topper Martyn 1923 - 2004

Topper Martyn, Magisk Broder

eg. Victor Clifton Martyn,
born 30 October 1923 in England, died 24 May 2004
in Uppsala, was a British-Swedish illusionist and juggler.

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1 FISM 1973 5:49 HÄR

2 Japan 1979 5:40 HÄR

3 Hawaii 1983 3:17 HÄR

4 Fism Paris 1973 2:26 HÄR

5 Love Mellanders film från
Toppers affär i G:a Stan 56:00 min HÄR

Topper breaks world record
The TV show "Fantastic" 1986

I can tell the story behind this world record.

One year before this happens, Paul Daniels and I meet at a Nordic Magic Convention in Norway. The year before Paul had been successful in his weekly program on the BBC with just breaking a world record.
As the Swedish Magic Circle would turn 40 and we would hold our gala dinner in Stockholm City Hall I suggested that we make this world record in City Hall during our gala dinner.

Because there is a constant debate about copyright and copying other people's magic act,
I thought that we have to ask Paul what he thinks.

Since Paul and I already know each other I thought I would take the bull by the horns and ask him if we could do that act on our 40th anniversary.

Paul's first question was who would do the number and I answered that we only have one in Sweden who can do it and that is Topper Martyn.

No problem Paul answered me and now it was a matter of getting Topper on board.

Paul, Topper, and I sat all evening discussing how it would all go.

Both Topper and I had seen his show with the record so we knew it would not be easy. It's all not just based on doing a lot of "tricks" it must be fun and entertaining as well. Topper goes home to Uppsala and thinks and above all trains.

Ingalill his wife said it was the worst 6 months of their life together, he had props and tricks throughout their apartment.

She was extremely happy and grateful when Topper drags everything down to Stockholm so she got the apartment back.

In our PR work, we invited newspapers and TV to monitor the record in the Blue Hall and we hoped to be able to sell the issue to TV.

Judge our surprise when TV says that they should come and watch if there is something for TV and in that case maybe they can make a feature at a later time.

We explained that it was a world record and that you can not beat it to order at a later time.

It was an attempt that we thought would just run into the sand and would not give either us or Topper any money.

As a curiosity, I can tell you that Topper did this completely without a fee from SMC for our anniversary, 6 months of training, and the show. I think we got to have dinner but that was all. On the other hand, the controller from Guinness World Records cost 2000 SEK to sign the diploma.

The TV was impressive and it was all done in the program Fantastic a few months later.

You can see the program that we cut into two parts to save you from something else fantastic that was in the program.

I think Topper and Johnny Lonn got some gage and probably also the controller from Guinness while I just got a pat on the back.

That was how we worked for SMC, non-profit not even extra gage.

Everything narrated by me

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The TV show "Fantastic" 1986