Johnny Lonn Memorial

Johnny Lonn Memorial

An annual party and competition in memory of
Johnny Lonn - Everything in his spirit

Comedy / Stand Up Magic and joy.

Right now it is uncertain when and how the next Johnny Lonn Memorial will be implemented, we hope for 2021.

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Johnny Lonn Memorial 2019

We do not tell you about which acts the different competition participants performed in 2019, nor do we show any films from the competition.

Johnny Lonn considered that the magic should be seen live and not on Youtube, however, we show a picture report further down the page and there is a detailed report in "Tumtippen".

We want you to get an idea of how nice it was and we want you to attend and participate the next year 2021 so that you do not miss the party. The invitation comes on this website.

Johnny Lonn

Anyone who knew Johnny Lonn knows that it should be a magic act with humorous undertones.
You who never got to meet Johnny Lonn or see his stage act, we have linked a film here on our website. Johnny Lonn

You who want to read more about Johnny, we have a whole issue of Tumtippen only with him, number 64 from June 2013 HERE

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This is how the competition went until 2019.
The judges judge: Presentation - Audience contact - Skill - Originality
Competition time: Recommended time 6 minutes, however, a maximum of 8 minutes.
Competitors as a team have the same competition time as solo competitors
Props: All magic material must be able to fit in or on the competitor's clothes or in a handbag. On stage, there is the possibility of a smaller table and some chairs.
Jury: The jury groups consist mostly of lay people from the audience and a few wizards.

Questions: Answered by Crillo 070-816 21 83
Stefan Haglund 070-580 97 84

The winners in 2019

1st prize to the Wizard Seth, 2nd prize Love Mellander, 3rd prize Tom Stone

Photo report from the party and competition 2019

Foto Stefan Haglund, Christer "Crillo" Lindgren, Lars Klingberg

Love Melander trollar för gästerna vid borden.

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The winners in
Johnny Lonn Memorial 2018

Johnny Lonn
Johnny Lonn

We hope to welcome you in 2021