About the Magic Brothers

About the Magic Brothers

"Magiska Bröderna" founded in Stockholm on October 9, 1941 and on November 11, 1970 merged with "Magiska Sällskapet", founded in Stockholm on March 26, 1946.

The purpose of the association is to bring together those interested in the art of magic in a friendly way. A member must undertake to follow the association's statutes and observe discretion regarding magic tricks and methods.

Normally we often meet at Restaurant Norra Brunn or another restaurant depending on which gathering we have. Annual meeting, monthly meeting or WorkShop.

We often hold monthly meetings in a private party room, sometimes on Södermalm - Medborgarplatsen or in Bromma.

Tävling & Seminarie på Norra Brunn
Tävling & Seminarie på Norra Brunn



In April 1941, editor Sixten Ahrenberg, lieutenant colonel Carl-Evert Ewert, bank clerk Torbjörn Mabius and director Karl Sandles met to do a report on magic for Stockholmstidningen's Sunday supplement. Then the idea was born for what would become the Magic Brothers. After extensive preparatory work, they met again on October 9 to form the association Magiska Bröderna. There were 15 people present when the first magic association in the Nordic countries was born. It was decided to have two association meetings each year in the form of an annual meeting and an autumn meeting. Each time, some of the members were in charge of a magic program. This was always followed by what was called "general magic", which later in the 1970s was called "magic at the tables". The association's one - year anniversary was celebrated with a dinner with ladies and so it has remained, but now also with friends interested in magic. The magic was at its peak. In 1946, they gathered to form the Swedish Magic Circle. Some of the leaders from "Bröderna" including Nils Simonsson were among the founders.

Carl-Evert Ewert became one of those who was not invited. This became the biggest historical battle in the "Brothers". The "traitors" would be excluded. At the board meeting, however, they were reconciled, but it never became the same. At that time, it was more difficult to become a member of the "Brothers". In addition to the new member conjuring in at an annual or autumn meeting, there would be a secret ballot. A bullet was placed in a box and if a bullet had a different color, the applicant was not selected.

During the 1940s, the Magic Society was formed where the members mainly came from Stockholm. There was no rivalry between the "Society" and the "Brothers." There were more and more double memberships and in the early 1970s only the "Brothers" remained as an association. The Magic Society had the finest club pin. It is the one that MB has today, with the difference that under the hand with the billiard balls, it does not say MS but MB. The ladies supported the enchanting gentlemen, but did not enchant themselves. The first female member of "Bröderna" was the current secretary Johanna Adsjö. Ulrika Ziverts conjured in as the second female member. At the time of writing, there is 12 female members 2020-11-02.

The "Brothers" were a dormant association when some militant wizards left SMC in the early 1980s. These included Torsten "Florentin" Engström, Michael Hillenius, Bengt Bergöö and Sixten Beme. The quarrel was about what was not allowed to be revealed about the magic. Florentin became chairman of the "Brothers" and with him the association got a new face. It now became a magical association - again. There were competitions. The first competition, Guldhatten. was won by Hasse Åhrberg in 1982. It then became a "one-tricks competition" per year 1984 to date. Several first prizes have been won by Florentin, Mr Dannyman, Johnny Lonn, Sixten Beme, Johnny McI and Crillo. Then came the Åland cruises starting in 1985. Over the years, they have become increasingly ambitious, with seminars and sometimes guest artists. The anniversaries have been many. We best remember the 50th anniversary that the association celebrated at Dramaten with 90 people present.

We received two funds Terje Nordne's fund and Sixten Beme's fund. We got an association magazine that was created as a simple association magazine in 1982 with Florentin as editor. The first issues were simple, tentative attempts, but the small magazine quickly developed into a different magic publication with not only association news but with valuable general contributions on magic and not least interesting trick pages. Florentin did 25 issues of the magazine, until 1996 when he died. The editorship was taken over by Sixten Beme and Christer "Crillo" Lindgren. The magazine got, much through Sixten, a modern design where his broad social skills and journalistic eye were reflected in the articles. Sixten passed away in 2001. The editorship is today managed by Crillo. The association has the following honorary members Stefan Haglund, Gunnar Höpner, Christer Lindgren, Kjell Lindersson and Christer Nilsson,

Sweden's national day and Swedish flag day 2018 

The Magic Brothers on the day of the Swedish flag. We were noticed with happy shouts and got many thumbs up. Our "uniforms" are different from scouts and home guardsmen. We who went in the party train from Kungsträdgården to Skansen were our chairman Crillo,
Mr Danneman, Stefan and Robert. This was the second year we participated and the association received the flag in 2017.

The march from Kungsträdgården to Skansen 2020 was canceled due to
the Corona pandemic.

The next participation for us will be on June 6, 2021.

Magical Brothers went for SMC to Skansen this day.

SMC's President Stefan Haglund, Johnny Lonn and Topper Martyn received a banner at Skansen from King Carl XVI Gustav. The year was 1985

Klubbmöte från Norra Brunn
Klubbmöte från Norra Brunn

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