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Gertrud & Christer Nilsson - Nyköping
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Christer Nilssonis an Honorary Member of the Magic Brothers & Swedish Magic Circle as well founder and author of Sveriges Magi-Arkiv.

Conny Ray is visiting together with the founder and author Christer Nilsson 

Aktuellt & Östnytt 30 november 1990

Café Norrköping 30 januari 1986

Tim Star, magician and initiator of the Swedish Magic Museum, says that Norrköping and Åby have been a center for magic for over 100 years.

Yes, it started here when Harries started the Nordic region's largest magic factory here in Åby in 1910, says Tim Star.

Harries, or Harry Mobäck as he was also called, opened the magic factory in 1910, which meant that it was to Åby magicians from all corners of the Nordic countries came to buy magic products and learn new tricks.

The most famous magician from Norrköping was Max Hofzinser who was a "hovillusionist" and conjured for the kings Gustav V and Gustav VI Adolf, who were both very fascinated by magic.

Most of the items in the museum are donated by the collector Christer Nilsson from the Swedish Magic Archive, who has been collecting magic props for 70 years.
When asked how difficult it is to be a magician, Tim jokingly answers:
Magic is not for real. Anyone can cut a lady in two. Putting her together is the trick.

Daniel Forsberg

Swedish Magic Museum - Kolmården -

Christer Nilson som Kunglig Hofmechanicus Hertig Karls Marknad i Nyköping 19 augusti 2000 

Antikrundan 2010 - Swedish TV-programs

Så har man sett ännu ett trevligt "Antikrundan" i TV och påmints om när Anne Lundberg och några till från redaktionen var och besökte Magi-Arkivet 2010.

Detta fanns då i en större källarlokal i centrala Nyköping.
Resultatet blev ett inslag i ett program.
OBS! Efterlyses: Har du en inspelning från det här avsnittet av Antikrundan så får du gärna kontakta
så vi kan delge alla den filmsnutten.