The Magic Brothers invites you to a
One tricks competition

We will have a new one tricks competition with an award ceremony on 29 Nov at 19.00.

We need to receive your contribution no later than November 27 so we have time to compile all contributions.

Film digitally with a mobile phone, laptop or digital film camera

The film should be about 3 minutes but it is not an absolute time limit,
shorter or slightly longer is ok.

You can get some tips by looking at our previous competition HERE we also have a photography school where you can get tips and inspiration. School

As a competitor, you send a digital film / video to at any time before 27 November. We place your contribution to the competition in the order it comes to us.

This means that you are out for assessment for a longer period of time with your contribution and can reach more "judges" than if you come in on the last day.

All members of the Magic Brothers may vote for one or more participants.

If you vote long before the closing date, it may be a good idea to return a few days before
29 November. You can then change your vote if there is a new participant in the competition that you consider to be better than those you voted for before.

It is always your last vote that counts and the old one is deleted automatically. Even if you can vote several times, we know that everything will go right. (We keep track of your IP number)

Normally email does not work as the files normally get too large, but you can always try Messenger, Dropbox or Onedrive. There are a lot of different tricks for sending large files.

You can start voting as soon as a contribution is received on the competition page HERE