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29 November


1st prize is donated by Pegani - Denmark. If you do not win, the watch can be ordered HERE 

"Ring Flight" is a classic in close-up magic. A borrowed finger ring disappears and reappears in a completely impossible place. There are many variations, but this one may very well go on to become your new favorite.

You borrow a finger ring from a spectator, put it in your hand and take out a bell, which you ask the spectator to ring to make the magic happen ... Quite rightly, when you open your hand, the borrowed finger ring has disappeared. Where has it gone? Yes ... it sits like the bell INSIDE the bell, the spectator has just rang!

Reynold Alexander has been refining the method of "Ring in the Bell" for years, and now he shares this fine piece of magic with the rest of us. Not only is it easy to perform, the method is smart and practical (and involves no reels). You always have full control over the spectator's ring and charging is super simple and lightning fast.

If you wish, you can continuously use the clock for other tricks throughout your performance. It can also ring without the spectator's finger ring.

There are several side benefits to this effect. You are performing something with an object that really means something to the spectator. You get everyone's attention with the sound of the bell. And then the moment when it dawns on the spectator that the sound inside the bell comes from her own finger ring ... is worth GOLD!

Comes complete with detailed English video instruction - ready to use. Click HERE and watch Mortenn demonstrate



2nd price donated by Corian

3rd PRICE 

3:e price donated by Stefan

Topi Flasher 

Topi Flasher! Produce a flame of fire from your hand! You step on stage and stretch your arm and create a great flame of fire! Immediately after, you can show your hands empty. Comes with gimmick and instructions.

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