Previous competitions

The competition ended on October 1, 2020

Previous successes for the Magic Brothers

Winner of the Stadsmästerslapet 2020 in Västerås 

                               Rolf Isberg & Crillo - The Magic Brothers
                                Congratulations from all of us who could not join.

Rolf tells - This is how it went:

Crillos and Rolf's competition act stage clothes red vests with dark clothes. In the third act, Rolf changes into a red jacket. The environment is a bullring somewhere in Spain. It is warm, very crowded, and high spirits. The stage (arena) is empty. A speaker speaks clattering pretend Spanish. Then El Mago is introduced. Pasodoble is played and Rolf makes an entrance to glitter rain. A story about the pros and cons of bullfighting. El Nudo saltator de España (jumping knot) Rolf presents El Crillo, pasodoble, and helper on stage. Crillo does the Matador card trick. Rolf makes his entrance with a red jacket and makes his grandmother's necklace Very Hola, Ole, and confetti rain.

// Rolf Isberg