The Magic Brothers use ZOOM for seminars, workshops and board meetings.

We, therefore, want to come up with some tips on how to make your participation so much better.

Best picture in ZOOM or in the camera.

To think about in a ZOOM meeting or when filming yourself. Set the laptop or phone facing away from the light source.

If you are filming or being filmed, you should be like her on the right no. 3
the light should come from the window towards you.

Do you sit with your face from a window or other light source
behind the camera, backlight, you will be perceived as no. 1

If the light comes from the side, everyone sees you as no. 2

Feel free to try the camera settings before shooting / sending. Feel free to "dim" the light source with a closed blind or a thin curtain. Direct sunlight is not good for light and contrast in the image.

If you use electric lights, feel free to try before shooting or transmitting so that you see that your lamps have the right color temperature.
Feel free to use halogen lamps with daylight temp and cream on, all light on the artist.

This is what a WorkShop can look like with only 9 participants
Our license allows 100 participants

To be able to participate in a meeting, click on the enclosed link that you received in connection with the invitation.
It can be good if you connect 5-10 minutes before the scheduled meeting time, you then end up in a waiting room and will be released in time for the meeting.

You can also use a couple of minutes to test the microphone and camera before the meeting.
You do not need to have your camera on if you do not want to and then you only see your name in the empty box.

You also decide on the microphone if you want it on or off.
The settings for these two are in the lower-left corner.

But if they are switched on, you can see the speaker in the picture by the picture having a light yellow frame. In our example below, it is Mr Danneman who speaks.

In the mobile phone, you usually only see the speaker as there is not room for all camera images.

Usually, the values ​​for the meeting close all microphones when the meeting begins and then the participants can ask questions and other things in the "chat" a box that is on the right side.

As you can see, there are slightly different light settings with both sidelights and too strong taillights.

The narrow elongated images come from the participant using his mobile camera

Lay the phone down on the long side and your picture will be bigger.

You can also use "cromakee" to change your background.

I have placed myself in space on a movie screen in a movie theater and

Mr Danneman sits in a beautiful Östermalm apartment.

We have learned the trick to avoid cleaning the room you are sitting in.

If you have a high desk, you can sit in your pajama pants during the entire broadcast ;-)

You can see this at the bottom of the screen during a zoom meeting

Mute = Mute microphone - Stop Video = Mute camera